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Georgia State Projects
Quick Facts  


2010 Population: 9,687,653

2016 Population: 10,310,371

2011 Yearly Birthrate: 132,239

2012 Yearly Birthrate: 130,112

2013 Yearly Birthrate: 128,511

2014 Yearly Birthrate: 130,776

2014 Yearly Birthrate: 130,776

2015 Yearly Birthrate: 131,333

2016 Yearly Birthrate: 129,940

Total diseases screened: 31

Clinics and Centers  

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University UniversityLaboratory Laboratory
Clinic ClinicPharmacy Pharmacy
Public Health Public HealthHospital Hospital
Genetic Counseling Genetic CounselingConsumer Group Consumer Group

Contacts in Georgia  
  • Lora Bean PhD
    Molecular Lab
  • Cecelia A Bellcross PhD, MS, CGC
  • Carla Cuthbert PhD, FACMG, FCCMG
    Diagnostic Lab Director
    Medical Geneticist
    Molecular Lab
    Public Health Manager/Director
  • Victor R DeJesus PhD
    NBS Tandem MSMS Expert
  • Teresa Douglas PhD
    Assistant Research Scientist
  • Arthur F Hagar PhD
    State NBS Lab Director
  • Aileen A Kenneson-Adams PhD, MS
  • Elizabeth Krupinski PhD
    Academic Contact
  • Hong Li PhD, MD
    Metabolic Dietitian
  • Stuart K Shapira PhD, MD
    Genetic Counselor
    IT Public Health
  • Rani H Singh PhD, RDN, LD
    Academic Contact
    Metabolic Dietitian
  • William Wilcox PhD, MD
    Medical Geneticist
  • James Eckman MD
  • Jaime Enrique Vengoechea Barrios MD
    Medical Geneticist
  • Michael Gambello MD
    Medical Geneticist
  • Matt Hawkins MD
    General Pediatrician
  • Abdullah Kutlar MD
    Academic Contact
    Medical Geneticist
  • Juanita Neira Fresneda MD
    Medical Geneticist
  • Rossana Sanchez MD
    Medical Geneticist
  • Michael Schechter MD, MPH
    Academic Contact
  • Dawn Laney MS, CGC
    Genetic Counselor
  • Kristen Narlow MS, RDN, LD
    Research Dietitian
  • Allan Platt MMSc, PAc
    Academic Contact
    Sickle Cell Medical Home Consultant
  • Jessica Williamson MS, RDN, LD
    Research Dietitian
  • Rosalynn Borlaza Blair MA
    Senior Program Coordinator
  • Barbara Abu-Zeid MLIS
  • Michelle Allen
    Title V Contact
  • Pamela Brisky
  • Saran Gurung
    MNT4P Project Coordinator
  • Raven S Holmes RD, LD
    Metabolic Dietitian
  • Judith Kerr MPH
    NBS Program Contact
  • Ken Loud
    Genetic Counselor
    Organization Representative
  • Eileen Mahoney RD, LD
    Metabolic Dietitian
  • Nicole Moore
  • Theresa Pringle MPH, CHES
  • Elizabeth Sablon
  • Tammy L Scott
  • Lloyd Sirmons
  • Adrya Stembridge
    IT NBS
    IT Public Health
    Shortterm follow up
  • Kristen Vanags
    Consumer Representative
    Family Member
  • Angela Wittenauer MSN, FNPC, RN
    Newborn Screening Follow Up Nurse
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