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What's New in Newborn Screening - July 2010 - Bradford Therell PhD, MS
What's New in Newborn Screening - July 2010  
2010 SERGG Annual Meeting
University of Florida Health
Pediatric Specialties
Tallahassee, FL  
July 23rd, 2010

About the Presentation
Dr. Therrell presents at the 2010 SERGG Annual Meeting.

Selected Publications by the Presenter
(Selected from over 135 publications)
1.    Moo-Penn W, Bechtel K, Johnson M, Jue D, Therrell B, Morrison B, Schmidt R. Hemoglobin Fannin-Lubbock [α(2)ß(2)119 (GH2) Glyï®Asp] a new hemoglobin variant at the α(1)ß(1) contact. Biochimica Biophysica Acta 1976;453:472-477.
2.    Moo-Penn WF, Johnson MH, Bechtel KC, Jue DL, Therrell BL Jr, Schmidt RM. Hemoglobins Austin and Waco: two hemo¬globins with substitutions in the α(1)ß(2) contact region.  Arch Bio¬chem Biophysics 1977;179:86-94.
3.    Schmidt RM, Bechtel KC, Johnson MH, Therrell BL Jr, Moo-Penn WF. Hemoglobin Lufkin:  ß29(B11) Glyï®Asp. An unstable hemoglo¬bin variant involving an internal amino acid resi¬due. Hemo¬globin  1977;1:799-814.
4.    Moo-Penn WF, Jue DL, Johnson MH, Wilson SM, Therrell BL Jr, and Schmidt RM. Hemoglobin Tarrant:  α126(H9) Aspï®Asn. A new hemo¬globin variant at the α(1)ß(2) contact region showing high oxygen affinity and reduced cooperativity.  Biochimica Bio¬physica Acta 1977;490:443-45.
5.    Therrell BL,Brown L. Computerized newborn screening in Texas: a multiple microcomputer approach. J Med Syst 1988;12:115-120.
6.    Therrell BL Jr, Simmank JL, Wilborn M.  Experiences with sickle hemoglobin testing in the Texas Newborn Screening Program.  Pediatrics 1989;83(Suppl):864-867.
7.    McCabe ERB, Zhang YH, Descartes M, Therrell BL Jr, Erlich HA. Rapid detection of ß6 DNA from Guthrie cards by chromogenic probes. Lancet 1989;ii:741.
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10.    Gunn S, Sherman L, Therrell B, Owerbach D.  Molecular genetics of 21-hydroxylase late-onset congenital adrenal hyperplasia.  Seminars Reprod Endocrin 1993;11:347-352.
11.    Rosenthal MA, Ou CN, Rognerud CL, Hoffman W, Fucharoen S, Little C, Pass K, Therrell BL , Epstein N.  Monoclonal immunoassay for the identification of hemoglobin variants in neonatal screening.   Screening 1994;3:67-76.
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13.    Therrell BL.  Newborn screening: reviewing the past, exploring the future.  In: Lam STS, Pang CCP (eds) Neonatal and Perinatal Screening - The Asian Pacific Perspective.  Hong Kong: The Chinese University Press, 1996:9-18.
14.    Therrell BL, Hannon WH, et al.  Guidelines for the retention, storage, and use of residual blood spot samples after newborn screening. Biochem Molec Med 1996;57:116-124.
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19.    Therrell BL. Newborn screening for congenital adrenal hyperplasia. Endocrinol Metabolism Clinics of North America 2001;30:15-30.
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22.    Therrell BL (contributing author) Genetic Evaluation of Congenital Hearing Loss Expert Panel, American College of Medical Genetics.  Genetics evaluation guidelines for the etiologic diagnosis of congenital hearing loss. Genet Med 2002;4:162-171.
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35.    Padilla CD, Therrell BL.  Newborn screening in the Asia Pacific Region.  Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease 2007;30:490-506.
36.    Kavanagh PL, Wang CJ, Therrell BL, Sprinz PG, Bauchner H. Communication of positive newborn screening results for sickle cell disease and sickle cell trait: variation across states.  Am J Med Genet C Semin Med Genet. 2008;148:15-22.

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