Workforce Education & Training

The focus of SERN’s Workforce Education and Training component is to provide genetic providers, public health officials, primary care providers (PCPs), and other non-genetic professionals with resources to increase their knowledge about genetics and apply that knowledge to improve genetic health outcomes for their patients.

Education & Training Events

Lunch and Learn series focuses on current topics related to clinical genetics and/or public health. The seminars are held virtually and in-person during the year. All seminars are recorded and made available on the SERN website.

Currently, due to COVID-19, all presentations are held online.

COVID-19 Vaccine Considerations for Adult Genetic Patients

Emory University COVID-19 ECHO Program and the Southeast Regional Genetics Network (SERN) will be offering a session to address providers’ concerns about recommending the COVID-19 vaccine to adult patients

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Project ECHO

Project ECHO (Extension for Community Healthcare Outcomes) was developed by Dr. Sanjeev Arora at the University of New Mexico to reduce health disparities in medically underserved areas and populations. ECHO is a telementoring program that is an all-teach-all-learn model where participants are able to learn from one another and apply their knowledge to their practice.

There are several ECHO models related to genetics in the region:

If you are interested in learning more about these ECHO clinics, please contact us.

Educational Videos

Recorded presentations from regional meetings, presentations, and lectures.

A Miraculous New Era for Cystic Fibrosis: Impact of Molecular Screening and Therapy.

The third annual Paul M. Fernhoff Memorial Lecture was held Thursday, September 17, 2015. Dr. Philip Farrell’s keynote address is available here entitled “A Miraculous New Era for Cystic Fibrosis: … More →

ATP6AP1 Deficiency Causes Liver Disease and Immunodeficiency, Neurologic Symptoms and Abnormal Protein Glycosylation

Dr. Morava presents, “ATP6AP1 Deficiency Causes Liver Disease and Immunodeficiency, Neurologic Symptoms and Abnormal Protein Glycosylation”

Basic Building Blocks for Biomedical Ontologies

Dr. Barry Smith presents on biomedical ontology. This is the second in a two-part series.

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