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Telemedicine Workgroup
Telemedicine Resources
Are you implementing a telegenetics clinic? Do you need materials to help you get started?…
March 24th, 2020


Novel technologies have been recently developed to simply and inexpensively communicate across the internet. These technologies have improved our ability to communicate among regional collaborators, and enabled telemedicine outreach clinics and inpatient consultations convenient and effective. Ultimately, the technologies hold the promise removing the barrier of distance in access to genetic care and minimize the problem of insufficient numbers of genetic services professionals by making access to their expertise available to larger numbers of patients without respect to geography.  The Telecommunication/Telemedicine Workgroup was formed to investigage the use of these technologies and to identifiy ways of implementing their use for improved patient care.


Rani Singh, PhD, RD, LD (Project Director, HRSA Grant)

Hans Andersson, MD (Co-Project Director, HRSA Grant)


Telemedicine Workgroup Activities 

Monthly Meetings 

Every Third Thursday of the Month beginning February 2018 


SERN/SERGG Annual Meeting July 16-18, 2020

Renaissance Asheville Hotel

Asheville, NC


Links to the Different Telehealth Resource Centers: The Telehealth Resource Centers (TRCs) provide assistance to individuals who are currently providing or are interested in providing care to patients via telemedicine. The TRCs are divided into 12 regional and 2 national centers. Below, you will find the link to the different TRCs in the SERN and the 2 national centers. 

Telehealth Resource Center Website
Southeast Telehealth Resource Center (SC, GA, AL, FL)
South Central Telehealth Resource Center (MS, ARK, TN)
TexLa (TX, LA)
Mid-Atlantic Telehealth Resource Center (NC, VA, KY, WV, PA, MD, DE, DC, NJ)
National Policy Center
National Technology Center




Selected Publications

Peer-reviewed journal article

Northeast Telehealth Resource Center Webliography, updated January 2020  ( PDF)

SERN Highlights
May 2020

A Taste of eGNA: Now Expanding with Project ECHO

A Taste of eGNA: Now Expanding with Project ECHO

The Southeast Regional Genetics Network (SERN) is ready to launch its first Project ECHO platform for genetic disorders. Our first pilot project will focus on a multidisciplinary medical education approach focused on training genetic metabolic providers. We are currently recruiting for the Genetic Nutrition ECHO program which will launch in the fall of 2020. We hosted an ECHO methodology demonstration on Wednesday, April 29 where more than 300 genetic professionals, public health professionals, and other providers registered to learn more about Project ECHO. We had three case presenters from different institutions, active audience participation, and faculty experts who provided recommendations. If you are a genetic professional, currently seeing patients, we would like your help in completing the Genetic Nutrition ECHO Needs Assessment.

In addition, if you are interested in further educational opportunities, you will be directed to complete the Participant Interest Form after completing the needs assessment, which the ECHO team will use to enroll the first trainee cohort for the program and interested members will be provided with more details. For any further questions please contact

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