Healthcare Interpreter Resources

Are you looking for a healthcare interpreter to provide medical interpretation for your patients? Here is a list of professional healthcare interpreter organizations for states in the southeastern region. Alabama … More →

What are Chromosomes and Genes? Video in Spanish

Overview of the concepts of genes and chromosomes, the basics of genetics. Video is in Spanish with English subtitles.

Newborn Screening Video

Overview of the newborn screening process and what to do next for a positive newborn screening result

What to Expect From a Telehealth Visit

Provide patients with information on what to expect during your telehealth visit

TeleWhat? An Introduction to Telegenetics

This infographic provides in-depth information to families about telegenetics.

Telemedicine Webliography

A list of current telemedicine peer-reviewed articles developed by the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center

Center for Connected Health Policy

Links to the current telehealth policy laws for each state by a nonprofit organization focused on providing up-to-date information on policy-related telehealth regulations.

National Consortium of Telehealth Resource Centers (NCTRC)

A collaboration between 12 regional centers and 2 national centers to develop and help sustain telehealth programs, especially those that target medically underserved and rural populations.