Workforce Development Videos

Developing a genomic medicine program

Dr. Korf presents on genomic medicine.

Collaborative Care among Specialists, Families, and the Primary Care Medical Home for Children with Genetic Conditions

Dr. Carl Cooley presenting on Medical Home.

Training and Education of Clinical and Laboratory Geneticists

Dr. Korf presents on training and education of clinical and laboratory geneticists.

Enhancing Knowledge and Improving Patient Care for Rare Genetic Diseases: Engagement of families, clinicians and clinical labortories

Dr. Ledbetter presents on patient care for rare genetic diseases.

Genetics Clinic in the 21st Century

Genetic Counseling in the Age of Genomics

Catherine Wicklund presents on genetic counseling.

The Challenge of Integrating Genetics Into Primary Care Pediatrics – Can We Get the Camel Through the Eye of the Needle?

The LEND Network: Translational Possibilities

RSSM Regional Collaborative Models

Dr. Kaye presents, “RSSM Regional Collaborative Models”