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Workforce Development Videos

Bruce Korf, MD, PhD — Developing a genomic medicine program (SERN/SERGG 2013)

Dr. Korf presents on genomic medicine.

Carl Cooley, MD — Collaborative Care among Specialists, Families, and the Primary Care Medical Home for Children with Genetic Conditions (SERN/SERGG 2011)

Dr. Carl Cooley presenting on Medical Home.

Bruce Korf, MD, PhD — Training and Education of Clinical and Laboratory Geneticists (SERN/SERGG 2011)

Dr. Korf presents on training and education of clinical and laboratory geneticists.

David Ledbetter, PhD — Enhancing Knowledge and Improving Patient Care for Rare Genetic Diseases: Engagement of families, clinicians and clinical laboratories (SERN/SERGG 2012)

Dr. Ledbetter presents on patient care for rare genetic diseases.

Pamela Arn, MD — Genetics Clinic in the 21st Century (SERN/SERGG 2014)

Catherine Wicklund, MS — Genetic Counseling in the Age of Genomics (SERN/SERGG 2013)

Catherine Wicklund presents on genetic counseling.

Beth Tarini, MD, MS — The Challenge of Integrating Genetics Into Primary Care Pediatrics – Can We Get the Camel Through the Eye of the Needle? (SERN/SERGG 2014)

Stephen Hooper, PhD — The LEND Network: Translational Possibilities (SERN/SERGG 2014)

Celia Kaye, MD, PhD — RSSM Regional Collaborative Models (SERN/SERGG 2016)

Dr. Kaye presents, “RSSM Regional Collaborative Models”