Telemedicine Videos

Direct to Consumer Telemedicine Application

Lloyd Sirmons presents on Direct to Consumer Telemedicine Application, with focus on how the DTC market changed with the onset of COVID-19.

Telegenetics in Region 3 (SERC): Past Successes and Plans for the Future

Dr. Andersson speaks about telegenetics activities in the Southeast Region Collaborative. This is the first of a two-part presentation along with Dr. David Flannery (presentation also available on SERC).

Project ECHO “The democratization of medical knowledge

Dr. Hawkins presents, “Project ECHO: The democratization of medical knowledge”

Vision for Telemedicine

“Vision for Telemedicine” Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD, Emory University School of Medicine

Genetic Telemedicine from the Medical College of Georgia / Georgia Health Sciences University: 1995 to the Present

This is the second in a two-part presentation (video also available on SERC).

Update on Telemedicine in the SERGG States

Dr. Flannery presents on Telemedicine in the SERGG states.

Telegenetics in SERC

Dr. Andersson presents on Telegenics activities in SERC.

Overcoming Barriers to Implementing Telegenetic Services

Ms. Brewer presents on barriers to implementing telegentic services.

The Telemedicine Experience – Companion Demonstration

This video accompanies Dr. David Flannery’s January 28th presentation: The Telemedicine Experience. The demonstration video was produced by Georgia Partnership for Telehealth.

The Telemedicine Experience

Dr. Flannery presents on the current state of telemedicine.