Telemedicine Videos

Direct to Consumer Telemedicine Application

Lloyd Sirmons presents on Direct to Consumer Telemedicine Application, with focus on how the DTC market changed with the onset of COVID-19.

Telegenetics in Region 3 (SERC): Past Successes and Plans for the Future

Dr. Andersson speaks about telegenetics activities in the Southeast Region Collaborative. This is the first of a two-part presentation along with Dr. David Flannery (presentation also available on SERC).

Project ECHO “The democratization of medical knowledge

Dr. Hawkins presents, “Project ECHO: The democratization of medical knowledge”

Elizabeth Krupinski, PhD — Vision for Telemedicine (SERN/SERGG 2017)

“Vision for Telemedicine” Elizabeth A. Krupinski, PhD, Emory University School of Medicine

Genetic Telemedicine from the Medical College of Georgia / Georgia Health Sciences University: 1995 to the Present

This is the second in a two-part presentation (video also available on SERC).

David Flannery, MD — Update on Telemedicine in the SERGG States (SERN/SERGG 2013)

Dr. Flannery presents on Telemedicine in the SERGG states.

Hans Andersson, MD — Telegenetics in SERC (SERN/SERGG 2013)

Dr. Andersson presents on Telegenics activities in SERC.

Rena Brewer, RN, MA — Overcoming Barriers to Implementing Telegenetic Services (SERN/SERGG 2013)

Ms. Brewer presents on barriers to implementing telegentic services.

The Telemedicine Experience – Companion Demonstration

This video accompanies Dr. David Flannery’s January 28th presentation: The Telemedicine Experience. The demonstration video was produced by Georgia Partnership for Telehealth.

The Telemedicine Experience

Dr. Flannery presents on the current state of telemedicine.