Genetics Visit FAQs

This handout provides answers to frequently asked questions about a genetics visit and what to expect.   Genetics Visit FAQ in English  Genetics Visit FAQ in Spanish 

Telemedicine Tips for Patients and Families/Caregivers

This is a guide to help you prepare for your telemedicine appointment with your provider. Your provider may have additional requirements for you that are not listed in the document. … More →

Healthcare Interpreter Resources

Are you looking for a healthcare interpreter to provide medical interpretation for your patients? Here is a list of professional healthcare interpreter organizations for states in the southeastern region. Alabama … More →

Emergency Preparedness Resources for Patients and Genetic Providers

The National Coordinating Center has consolidated a list of resources developed by the various Regional Genetic Networks, Telehealth Resource Centers, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and Family Voices

SERN Emergency Medical Food Access Fact Sheet

Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, this fact sheet was developed to provide patients with a list of contact information from metabolic formula companies and family organizations in the metabolic community.

Telehealth Resource Webliography for COVID-19 Pandemic

A PDF compiled by Michael Edwards, PhD, Northeast Telehealth Resource Center, January 28, 2021.

Telemedicine Webliography

A list of current telemedicine peer-reviewed articles developed by the Northeast Telehealth Resource Center

Preparing for a Successful Telehealth Visit Checklist

This checklist helps families prepare for a telemedicine visit.

Preparing for a Successful Telehealth Visit Worksheet

This worksheet helps families prepare for a telemedicine visit.