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Consumer Highlight: Kristen Vanags | News
Kristen Vanags is a dedicated mother and champion of PKU causes.   Kristen is the co-founder and president of Georgia PKU Connect, a non-profit focused on supporting the Phenylketonuria community in Georgia.  She became interested in developing a support network shortly after her son’s PKU diagnosis in 2006.  Kristen also has a passion to drive change at a national level to ensure access to treatment for all individuals with PKU. 

A native of Nyack, NY, Kristen received her Bachelors of Industrial Design at the Georgia Institute of Technology.   Prior to the birth of her first child in 2003, Kristen was a program manager for Accenture.  She currently lives in suburban Atlanta with her husband and two children.  

Keywords: phenylketonuria  pku

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2018 Annual Meeting for SERN/SERGG - July 19-21 in Asheville, NC

2018 Annual Meeting for SERN/SERGG - July 19-21 in Asheville, NC

The next annual SERN/SERGG meeting will be held July 19-21, 2018 at Renaissance Asheville Hotel in Asheville, NC.

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