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Louisiana State Projects
Quick Facts  


2010 Population:  4,533,372

2010 Yearly Birthrate: 62,379

Total Conditions Screened:  34

Clinics and Centers  

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Convention Center Convention CenterUniversity University
Laboratory LaboratoryClinic Clinic
Pharmacy PharmacyPublic Health Public Health
Hospital HospitalMedical Food Company Medical Food Company
Consumer Group Consumer Group

Contacts in Louisiana  
  • Catherine Evans PhD
    NBS Tandem MSMS Expert
  • Hans C. Andersson MD
    Academic Contact
    Biochem Lab
    Diagnostic Lab Director
    Medical Geneticist
  • Harold Chen MD, MS
  • Yves Lacassie MD
    Medical Geneticist
  • Michael Marble MD
    Medical Geneticist
  • Gabriella Pridjian MD
    Medical Geneticist
  • Duane Superneau MD
    Medical Geneticist
  • Susonne Ursin MD
    Medical Geneticist
  • Regina M Zambrano FACMG, MD
  • Amy C Cunningham MS, RD, LDN
    Clinical Faculty
    Metabolic Nutritionist
  • Chris Dvorak MS
    Academic Contact
    Genetic Counselor
  • Dolinda Werling-Baye MPH, RD, LD
    Metabolic Nutritionist
    Shortterm follow up
  • Amy Zapata MPH
    Title V Contact
  • Phaidra Floyd-Browning BS, RN
  • Amy Molina BSN, RN
  • Terry Crockett CLS
    Diagnostic Lab Director
  • Connie Simonson CLS
    Shortterm follow up
  • Kelly Smith RN
  • Cheryl Harris
    NBS Program Contact
  • Kristin Howkins
  • William R Perry
  • News
    Individuals with Sickle Cell Disease or Inherited Metabolic Disorders who have Successfully Transitioned from Pediatric to Adult Care Needed for Online Survey Participation
    Individuals with Sickle Cell Disease or Inherited Metabolic Disorders who have Successfully Transitioned from Pediatric to Adult Care Needed for Online Survey ParticipationResearch OpportunityResearchers with SERC Medical Home & Transitioning Workgroup and SERC Consumer Alliance are are recruiting individuals ages 25-35 (and/or…

    Limestone Life article highlights PKU (Athens, AL)
    Limestone Life article highlights PKU (Athens, AL) Athens, AL based magazine Limestone Life features an article in their latest edition about Adam and Julie Tucker and their…

    SERC Highlights
    February 2017

    Introducing the NBS Connect patient registry!

    Introducing the NBS Connect patient registry!

    NBS Connect has been designed as a resource for those affected by certain disorders included in the newborn screening (NBS) panel. Extensive development of the registry will occur via a phased approach. The registry was launched with NBS-PKU Connect for Phenylketonuria, then NBS-MSUD Connect for Maple Syrup Urine Disease. The next phase is now available with. NBS-TYR Connect for Tyrosinemia. Expansion of the registry will continue to include other disorders in the recommended uniform screening panel (RUSP), endorsed by the American College of Medical Genetics (ACMG)

    We encourage patients affected with PKU, MSUD and Tyrosinemia to visit the website at , register and complete their participant profiles. Participants will have access to disorder specific education materials, information on the latest research and clinical trials, recipes, interactive health tracking systems, “Ask an Expert” tools and more. We hope you will take advantage of the resources provided which will empower you to make more informed healthcare decisions.

    This registry will be an asset both for forming connections between consumers and for building a qualitative database for future research.

    If you have any questions, please email the project manager Yetsa Osara at

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